New history resources for schools

History Matters’ goal is to provide teachers with engaging materials for classroom lessons and students with a huge resource of further reading on historical events, including detailed historical narratives, interactive timelines, original source material, eye-witness accounts, maps, photographs and illustrations.

History Matters is constantly being developed to ensure that it is up to date, with more content added regularly. All resources are designed to work and display perfectly on any device, in any situation, whether being projected on an interactive whiteboard or for revision with a smartphone on the bus.

Books for every student

Ancient Rome - Empire and War

Ancient Rome, the Roman Empire and Roman Britain

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Primary books

History Matters contains collections specifically written for primary schools. Learn about the world of Ancient Rome and the impact of the Romans on Britain, or the events and changes to life from the First World War.

Anglo-Saxon and Norman England, c1060-1088

This book is designed for the Depth Study of Anglo-Saxon and Norman England, c1060 – 1088, at GCSE.

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GCSE textbooks

Whether learning about Saxon and Norman England, or the Tudors and their government, find textbooks that are written specifically for the GCSE British Depth Studies courses.

The First World War - Costs and Consequences

Examining the events and implications at the end of the First World War.

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Further reading

Our libraries and collections provide significant further reading material, including important works such as the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, famous eye-witness accounts and well-known historical novels.

Digital bookshelves. Always-available books.

For primary and secondary schools, find books covering your curriculum content on our bookshelves. All of your students have access to all of the material at any time, on any device, so History Matters can be used as a portable digital library. The books themselves are designed to be digital-first, working equally well on interactive whiteboards, smartphones or any screen size in between, without the need to zoom in.

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All presentations in History Matters give you control of the animations so they run at your own pace.

Lessons / presentations. Front of class or self-study.

High quality illustrations, photographs and maps make learning more memorable. Great for teacher-driven instruction or for covering special topics, our presentations can potentially save hours of preparation time. Importantly, the presentations are written in such a way as to support a teacher at the front of the class, while being suitable and relevant for individual study by students at home. Our flexible animation engine brings the content to life in subtle, yet vivid, ways, adding to the explanation rather than serving as a distraction. Ultimately, any PC, tablet, or even the smartphone in your pocket is now a powerful teaching tool with History Matters.

Interactive timelines. Visualise key events.

Timelines offer an accessible way to examine how key moments and periods unfolded. They are intended to aid recall and understanding through the use of simple, yet engaging design, laying out the sequence of events in chronological order, with accompanying dates and precise descriptions of each. Highly visual, the timelines display neatly in portrait or landscape orientation.

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